Creamy Chocolate Pudding

There are moments when you feel like you need something sweet and delicious but don’t have the energy or time to make a special dessert. This Creamy Chocolate Pudding is a great solution in times like this. It is so easy to prepare, and nobody will know how much time is involved in creating this wonderful chocolaty dessert.

If you like puddings and chocolate this creamy chocolate pudding is calling for you. It is the best of all puddings ever. So creamy and delicious, you will simply fall in love with it. The use of chocolate and cocoa powder makes this pudding very chocolaty, and flavorful. For this pudding there is no need to add plastic wrap on the surface of the pudding as the skin created on top is creamy as well, not bothering at all.

This is by far my favorite chocolate pudding recipe. You will see that alongside cornstarch rice flour is used as well. Rice flour thickens up the milk mixture and creates a smooth silky pudding. It is also a gluten-free chocolate dessert perfect for everyone who is searching for gluten-free treats.Β  Hope you will give it a try, it is irresistible.

How to make creamy chocolate pudding

Begin with combining sugar, cocoa, cornstarch, salt, and rice flour in a medium saucepan. Gradually add milk and whisk until well combined. Place over medium heat. Cook, stirring constantly, until pudding is bubbling and thickens. Stir in the chopped chocolate and heavy cream.

After the chocolate has melted, turn off the heat, add vanilla, and whisk until well blended. Pour into dessert dishes. Let cool at room temperature and then refrigerate until ready to serve. Enjoy your delicious chocolate pudding!

If you try it out, make sure to share the photos with me onΒ Instagram. Would love to see how it turns out for you. Cheers!

creamy chocolate pudding

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chocolate pudding

Creamy Chocolate Pudding

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This creamy chocolate pudding is the best of all puddings ever. Creamy and delicious, the use of chocolate and cocoa powder makes this pudding very chocolaty.
Servings 4 servings
Prep Time 5 minutes
Cook Time 15 minutes
Total Time 20 minutes


  • 2 cups (500 ml) whole milk
  • 3 tbsp (40ml) heavy cream
  • 1.8 oz (50g) dark chocolate, finely chopped
  • 1 tbsp (10g) rice flour
  • 2 tbsp (15g) cocoa powder
  • 2 tbsp (20g) cornstarch
  • 1/4 tsp (1g) salt
  • 1/2 tsp (2.5g) vanilla extract
  • 1/2 cup (100g) sugar


  • Combine sugar, cocoa, cornstarch, salt and rice flour in a medium saucepan. Gradually add milk and whisk until well combined. Place over medium heat.
  • Cook stirring constantly, until pudding is bubbling and thickens. Stir in  the chopped chocolate and heavy cream. After the chocolate melted, turn off the heat,  add vanilla and whisk until well blended. 
  • Pour into dessert dishes.  
  • Let cool at room temperature and then refrigerate until ready to serve.



Serving: 1 serving out of 4Calories: 297kcalCarbohydrates: 44gProtein: 5.7gFat: 11.8gSaturated Fat: 7.4gCholesterol: 29mgSugar: 38g
Calories: 297kcal
Course: Dessert
Cuisine: American
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  1. Jackie Author says:

    That is flippin’ beautiful! Great job. I want to run right out and make one myself!

  2. liz Author says:

    I have 4 family members who would be in heaven if I whipped up a batch of this delightful pudding. Yummy AND beautiful~

  3. The Chocolate Priestess Author says:

    Homemade pudding, now that is not a low fat treat but a treat for special times I think.

  4. Juanita Author says:

    Great texture and colour. Looks yum!

  5. apaler1 Author says:

    This pudding looks so delicious and your photography is gorgeous! I love your idea of putting some pistachios on top as a garnish. The color contrast really brings out the richness of the chocolate.

  6. Anu-My Ginger Garlic Kitchen Author says:

    This pudding looks so delicious Ella. Indeed this is super quick, creamy and delicious! πŸ™‚

    1. Ella-HomeCookingAdventure Author says:

      Yes, very easy to prepare and very chocolaty. My favorite of all.

  7. yasmeen Author says:

    thanks a lot for this great super yummy recipe. .
    Can I ask you please What is the Rice flour substitute?

    1. Ella-HomeCookingAdventure Author says:

      I would just add another tbsp of cornstarch instead of rice flour.

  8. zeer Author says:

    my favorite one. but i have questions if i do not have dark chocolate , could i use semi sweet chocolate 50% cacoa instead ? or should i add cacao powder more .? thank you .

    1. Ella-HomeCookingAdventure Author says:

      50% semi sweet chocolate will work really good. I used 65% as I can remember, Very close to 50%-55%.

  9. kate Author says:

    Hello, Ella! I absolutely adore your recepies. They are such an inspiration. I have a question. My husband’s birthday is just around the corner and I wanted to prepare a homemade cake for him. Could you possibly give me some ideas about it using a combination of your recepies. I really love this pudding, your white chocolate fondue, the salted caramel mouse and the filling of the carrot cake roll, but I am not sure if they are suitable for a cake. Please give me your advice. Thank you so much! πŸ™‚

    1. Ella-HomeCookingAdventure Author says:

      The salted caramel mousse and the filling of carrot cake roll would work well as  filling for cakes. The pudding and whte chocolate fondue are great too but not for filling cakes.  Did you see this cake with white chocolate mousse? You can change the crust and the strawberry layer to something else… if you want



  10. I wanna ask, can i just skip the vanilla extract? in case i can’t find it in my place. thanks before.

    1. Ella-HomeCookingAdventure Author says:

      sure.. you can skip vanilla extract.. did you try it out?

  11. Is the cocoa powder used Dutch processed or natural ?

    1. Ella-HomeCookingAdventure Author says:

      I've used Dutch processed

  12. Raisa Author says:

    hi ella….i wanna ask something….i trry to make this pudding…but i think something wrong with my way cz my pudding don’t wanna set T_T dunno what happen with it…even I try to put inside refrigerator still wouldn’t set…u have any idea why it become like that??? T_T thx

  13. vika Author says:

    This inspired me to make a pudding. can you tell me, 1 tbsp how many grams?
    thanks πŸ™‚

    1. Ella-HomeCookingAdventure Author says:

      Sorry for the late answer.. I just added measurements in grams to the recipe.. hope you will try it out

  14. sszinxiy Author says:

    can i use whipping cream instead of heavy cream

    1. Ella-HomeCookingAdventure Author says:

      Sure.. will be as good

  15. David Author says:

    I don’t know when to salt of 1/4 tsp mix timing..
    please answer my question..!

  16. Peace Author says:

    hii,is it cooking for 15mins?because yesterday I tried it but I fail,the pudding is not creamy but watery inside… Hope u can reply me as soon as well…thanks????????

  17. lena Author says:

    Made it the other day, it was amazing! I’m doing it again today, as everyone in the house loved it and they have been asking for more! Thank you!

  18. Refrigerate means in fridge normal fridge temparator or in deep fridge

    1. Ella-HomeCookingAdventure Author says:

      Hello Moon.

      Is about normal fridge.

  19. Naishmika Author says:

    is it mandatory to use whole cream?
    any alternatives for it??

    1. Ella-HomeCookingAdventure Author says:

      Hi Naishmika.

      No, a part of cream can be frozen.

  20. ROHAN AMBETKAR Author says:

    After i have seen the texture of the pudding i felt in love with your recipe . i want to ask you mam if suppose i want to add some flavors into it to creat my small menu is that possible . would you like to give me some direction with some recipe. flavors like after eight, triple cho. mousse, nutella mouss , ferrero nutella mouuse , coffee pudding etc. I mean to say mam base will be your pudding but adding different flavors into same base will make my one menu. Please suggest me mam. So how i can add other flavors . and no gelatin it means i can add into my home made menu and easy to deliver .

  21. marie Author says:

    OMG this mouthwatering recipe looks super delicious <3 gonna try it today for sure <3

  22. Rizna Author says:

    Hi is there a substitute for heavy cream? I’m trying to make this gorgeous recipe for my son who has allergies.

  23. Siddhi Author says:

    Is heavy cream necessary?

  24. This recipe was sooooo good! Thoroughly enjoyed it! However, mine had bits through out it.
    Possibly corn flour that I didn’t whisk properly? Any insight? Followed your recipe to the t.


    1. Ella-HomeCookingAdventure Author says:

      So glad you enjoyed it.. yes.. maybe the cornflour.. make sure you gradually add milk over the dry ingredients, whilte whisking continuesly so no lumps form. 

  25. I have all the ingredients in my fridge and cupboards, so I will be trying this tonight. Thank you for including metric measurements. Most of us outside the US have no idea what ‘cup’ measurements are.

  26. Sheila Aliesha says:

    5 stars
    Hi Ella. Thank you for sharing the recipe. I tried it and it’s delicious and perfect for me. It’s super jiggly and smooth. Sorry I didn’t take a photo of it. Although I made a few changes to it since i didn’t have heavy cream, i substitute it with 10g of milk and 30g of butter. And I omitted the rice flour, while using 20g of cocoa powder and 25g cornstarch. But if anyone wants it to set and thicken more, can use 30g of cornstarch. And I lessened the sugar to 80g. And as for the dark chocolate, I used Beryl’s semisweet choc chips. I even made it into hot chocolate drinks by adding 2 cups of water. Love it so much

    1. Ella - Home Cooking Adventure Author says:

      Thank you, Sheila, for you feedback. So glad you enjoyed the recipe πŸ™‚

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